Work with me

Let’s set the true you free

Life can be unpredictable and painful, and we often have no control over the experiences we go through. Our brain and body try to protect us by storing memories of distressing events deep down inside, but it is there where they can become the most insidious and harmful to our health and happiness. It is not your fault that you are suffering, and it is a brave and powerful step you are taking to fully resolve these issues with the knowledge you deserve to be free from them.

What to expect?

Before session 1

You will be asked to fill out some homework that shares a little about your background, past distressing events and issues you would like help changing. Only short, dot-points are required, and you will not be asked to go in to detail about these, it is simply for me to reference during the focused imagination exercises.

Session 1

Session 1 focuses on removing the negative beliefs that keep us stuck, and are responsible for self-sabotage and self-esteem issues. Some familiar negative core beliefs are:

I’m a failure.

I’m not loveable.

The world is not a safe place.

Often these are imprinted on us from a very young age without our awareness, and are extremely ingrained, dictating our reactions, behaviour and emotions without our knowledge. By removing these at the beginning of our work together, you will feel calmer and more empowered to continue moving towards more positive core beliefs and affirmations.

Session 2

Session 2 focuses on removing the emotion from the most stressful, overwhelming and traumatic events or periods of time in your life. You do not go back into the detail of these events. Instead, you are made to feel safe and directed into a position of power over the events: you become in control, rather than them controlling you. The trauma is then resolved and becomes a memory. Your nervous system can exit the hyper-aroused fight/flight/freeze state and finally feel calm.

Session 3

Session 3 focuses on the future. Through deep imagination exercises, you are guided to see the future that exists when you are no longer bound by your past. You will see yourself as a new person in a new reality and can make plans to go after the life you so deeply desire and deserve.