About Me

Hi, I’m Ana Maria, and I’m thrilled you’ve decided to take this journey towards rediscovering your most authentic self. I firmly believe that every person deserves to experience full, vibrant health and happiness. I am here to support you on your path to healing, and to give you the tools, exercises, and practical tips you need along the way. This is the roadmap I used to come back to myself, and now I live truly freely — just like I know you can!

Growing up, my family was loving, but also dysfunctional. Like many of us, I witnessed addiction, codependency, and a lack of healthy boundaries. On the outside, I appeared to be okay, but inside I struggled with deep depression, anxiety, and destructive coping mechanisms.

From a young age, I had a deep spiritual intuition, and was constantly seeking to understand the truth. This search for answers, to questions like ‘Why do I feel like this?’ and ‘Is there another way?’ led me to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work. Upon completion, I began practicing, wanting to help others going through the same thing, whilst also still wanting solutions for my own challenges.

I consider it a privilege to have worked with individuals from many different walks of life and cultural backgrounds, and am humbled at the level of compassion, empathy, and self-understanding that it taught me.  But as I practiced, I still felt something was missing.

Witnessing firsthand how trauma can impact on a person for many years to come, I always had a sense of the importance of working through our past to ensure it did not disrupt our present and future wellbeing. So, I allowed my curiosity to lead me to amazing mentors, books, classes and methods across spirituality and psychology. I continued my training to include energy medicine, meridian therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), chakra balancing, meditation, intuition, and yoga. And finally, while studying under very wise teachers, I found TRTP.

Through TRTP, I realised my struggles were not who I was at my core – that I was not broken and didn’t have to continue living from my wounding. I instantly knew this would be the most powerful tool I could use to help other people overcome their challenges and heal. In many ways, I feel that TRTP™ found me – and I am simply fulfilling my divine life purpose.

The thing I love most about TRTP™ is that it offers lasting change, rather than a temporary fix or band aid solution. When people are empowered to rediscover their self-belief and take back control of their thoughts, emotions, and actions, it is truly special, and I am deeply humbled to be a part of this process.

In my work with clients, I combine TRTP with 20 years of seeking and studying to give you a roadmap for a happy, peaceful, and powerful life. My practical tools and integrated, experiential approach will help you uncover and heal old wounds, remove your mask, and guide you toward your most authentic self — which will lead you to better relationships, reduced stress and true happiness and joy.

It is the only way to live!

I can’t wait to walk with you on your healing journey.

Many, many blessings sent to you today and always,

Ana Maria

I am currently available for face-to-face sessions in the Brisbane, Queensland area, or world-wide via Zoom. Get in touch with me to organise a time to chat  and discover if TRTP is a good fit for you.